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New Acting Publisher and new Editor-in-Chief of NPPRJ - OPEN ACCESS
Per Engstrand, Professor, Mid Sweden University, Legally responsible publisher and Lars Wågberg, Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Chairman of the scientific and editorial boards
From the next issue of Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal onwards (no 1/2018), the publishing company Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston ( will be acting publishers of NPPRJ.
The ownership of the journal still remains with Mid Sweden University and the ten universities that are presently members of the Editorial Board will remain with the same responsibilities and authorities as before regarding the scope and contents of the Journal, including the appointment of the Scientific Board and the Editor-in-chief. The Editor-in-chief will be responsible for the peer review and decisions on acceptance of manuscripts, while production, marketing and publishing of the journal will be handled by De Gruyter.
Management of manuscripts will be handled through an online processing system used by De Gruyter. For the time being, the email addresses of NPPRJ to which manuscripts should be sent remain the same. More details regarding the new organisation of the Journal will be available on De Gruyter’s future NPPRJ website and in the first 2018 issue.
We are convinced that this is a perfect development for the Journal where we can get access to a modern editorial system and be part of a larger publishing company with a better spreading of the journal, while preserving our ability to control the scientific content and the peer review of the manuscripts submitted to the journal. We hope to attract an even larger number of papers that can allow us to widen the scope of the journal to be more dedicated to fit a broad biorefinery concept.
This issue is also the last issue of NPPRJ with Bo Westerlind as Editor-in-chief. The new editor-in chief will be Per Stenius, who has been the Scientific Editor of NPPRJ since 2006.
We would like to extend a warm thanks Bo Westerlind for his short but very professional and dedicated time with us at NPPRJ and we wish him all possible success in his future career.

Per Engstrand
Professor, Mid Sweden University
Legally responsible publisher

Lars Wågberg
Professor, Royal Institute of Technology
Chairman of the scientific and editorial boards

Thank you

After one year as Editor-in-Chief for NPPRJ I have decided to leave this position as from December 31, 2017. The reasons are that I would like to focus on the work I do at Mid Sweden University, BioBusiness Arena and Åkroken Science Park in Sundsvall, Sweden.
My one year at Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal has been exciting and fascinating. The communication with reviewers and authors from all over the World is an interesting part of the work. I have during my year at NPPRJ learned about scientific publishing from the scientific editor of NPPRJ Per Stenius, the Editorial board and from all of the correspondence with reviewers and authors of manuscript. I would like to thank all of those who has helped the Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal to be a valuable source for publication of scientific work and I am convinced that the Journal will continue to be important for spreading scientific work in the field of pulping, papermaking and bior
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New Acting Publisher and new Editor-in-Chief of NPPRJ - OPEN ACCESS (2017-32-04_p482-482_Editorial.pdf)
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