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Study on setting of the stepper motor current value for the dilution profile actuator
Bo Wang, Wei Tang and Jixian Dong
Decreasing precision or overheating can occur in the dilution profile actuator when its drive current does not match the design torque of the actuator. Stepper motor drive current values are set at the rated current value of the motor or are based on practical experience. Applied technological research on current set value is conducted in this paper. A current-selection experimental device was developed to identify the reasonable current setting value. The drive current value and state holding current value were tested. The test results from a sample with a rated design torque of 20 Nm showed that the reasonable drive current value was 1.4 A, and the state holding current was set at a level of 50%. Finally, the positioning precision test showed that the error of 1 step was less than 4.0% during 5000 positioning steps, which fulfilled the requirements of the actuator. The temperature increase of the stepper motor for a drive current of 1.4 A was 9.3 ℃ lower than that at 2.0 A. This work demonstrated that the reasonable drive current value was lower than the rated current value of the stepper motor and was conducive to safe and reliable operation of the actuator.
Dilution profile actuators, Drive current, Drive torque, State holding current, Stepper motor, Temperature rising
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