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A new test device to analyse the flow resistance and compressive behaviour of fibre mats
Julius Flitsch, Wolfgang Bauer and Ulrich Hirn, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
A test device was developed to investigate the affect of pressure on the flow resistance and compressive behavior of fiber mats. The test device uses a filtration cell with continuous water flow. Most previous investigations into the flow of a liquid through a fiber mat have dealt with either the measurement of flow velocity or mat height. The new test device described here allows investigation of both parameters simultaneously. The experiments were conducted on fiber pads at 40 and 80 g/m2 and with three pulp types: hardwood, softwood and a recycled pulp. The results show that the relationship between flow resistance and pressure drop follows a power law characteristic. The fiber mat height is proportional to the flow resistance for a pressure range between 10 kPa and 80 kPa. The investigation of the rheological components of the fiber mat during the compression reveals elastic, viscoplastic and plastic behavior.
Compression, Expansion, Fiber, Filtration resistance, Pressure pulse, Sheet forming
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