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A laboratory study on the use of maple CTMP and calcium carbonate fillers in fine paper production
Lijuan Wang, Chuanyou Li, Jinyong Peng and Hongbin Liu, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin, China
High yield pulp (HYP) has been gaining increasing interest as a partial substitute for hardwood bleached kraft pulp in fine paper grades due to its functionalities (e.g. bulk, opacity) and cost advantage. On the other hand, the use of calcium carbonate as a filling material is widely practiced in the paper industry. In this study, on basis of laboratory work, we demonstrated the impact concerning the use of maple HYP in combination with different types of calcium carbonate fillers, including precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), ground calcium carbonate (GCC), and mixed calcium carbonate (PCC mixed with GCC) (PG), in fine paper production. The results showed there was a positive effect on boosting the bulk of fine paper grades as regards the combined use of PCC and HYP. At the ash content of 22%, the bulk of the PCC-filled handsheets containing 20% maple HYP reached up to 1.96 g/cm3 which is 12.6% higher than that of filled-handsheets without HYP.
Bulk, Calcium carbonate filler, High-yield pulp (HYP), Roughness, Tensile strength
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